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  Here are a few short soaring videos you should enjoy.

Here is a very nice piece Dan Monskey did about us for WCCO's "Life To The Max" adventure show. Thanks Dan! - "Glide Like The Wind"

Here's a well-produced overview that "Flight Line" did about our operation at Faribault not too long ago  - "Gliders and Cross Country Soaring, Inc."

Here is what a winch launch looks like from the nose looking back! (a rare shot of me in the front seat) - Winch Launch

Here is a nice video a student put together (Thanks Justin!) - Hammer Heads

Not a bad endorsement from a guy who has been-there-done-that - Neil Armstrong on soaring

Here's my nine-year-old son Chase taking lesson #12. He's in the back seat because he's too light for the front! "Chase's Glider Flight"

Watch carefully from the beginning. Hilarious. It's a commercial for a - Dutch insurance company.

With permission from Bob Carlton , a very nice aerobatic routine in a Salto. Nice smoke. Nice music. 2.4MB

A fish-eye lens mounted out in front, looking back, at aerobatics in a sailplane. 12.3MB

An ever-so-flexibly winged ASH-25M over the Spanish Alps - cool. 9.3MB

Part two of the ASH-25M over the Alps with a couple of other ships. Nice 9.7Mb

With permission from DG, a straightforward get-in, take-off, glide, roll, loop, and land video in a DG-505. 4.5MB

With permission from the Associated Glider Clubs of California, a Jantar does the Torrey Pines beach run. 3.1MB

With permission from Rasto Osadsky, a nice ASK-21 and an open agenda.7.4MB

The Grob 103 Twin II Flight Manual -download, open, rotate, magnify to about 150% (PDF) 9MB

Here is a copy of our Winch Ground Operations Manual. 1.3MB

Here is a copy of our Pilot Training Guide for Winch Launch. 1MB

A short video of a winch launch at Faribault. - 5MB