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A couple of hours at the airport is usually lots of fun for the whole family. You wouldn't want to miss the immediate reaction of your son, daughter, husband, or wife once they have settled back to earth grinning ear to ear. We will always try to have comfortable areas set up while you wait your turn.

Or if you're on your own and just looking for an interesting way to spend a few hours, a flight in a sailplane is an experience you will remember and find yourself thinking and talking about for years to come. This is a fascinating, challenging sport that can be quite addicting. Just ask any of the dozen pilots who keep their sailplanes at Faribault and gaze out the office window during the work week thinking up plausible excuses to go flying!


- Ride Reactions -

"For whatever it is worth I just need to tell you this that I told my wife that that ride in the 103 with you was The Most pleasurable that I have ever had in 10,000 hours of flying.  I have seen and done an awful lot of things in my cobra attack helicopter and my float plane flying in minnesota and canada and my around the world flights in the Air Force (as a crewmember-a russian linguist) but the feel of gliding in that 103 cannot compare to anything else. Maybe it was the timing, I don¬ít know, but there is nothing like soaring and the quietness of the 103 and the evening in minnesota was real special." - DAVID JALLEN


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"Thank you very much for the Glider Ride, it was something I have never done, It was "Fantastic". I will be back! "




"Thanks for the photos. They're a good reminder of a day I'll never forget. I know that traveling 4000 miles for a day's gliding might seem a little over the top, but it's the best day's flying I've ever had in my 16 years of gliding. The views go on for ever, the skies are clear, and the lift was so great, it seemed harder to get down than stay up."

- TIM ALLEN  (visiting from England)

Goin west_0.jpg

"Just wanted to thank you for the great flying experience in the glider ! Rich loved it & talked about it all day to our friends in the campground. I did give someone your name & website. You made it a great day for him & who knows....he may do this again sometime!! Wishing you safe journeys in that big open sky & find those thermals!!"



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"I don't know if I was adequately overt in my enjoyment and appreciation of our flights. These, combined with the fine company of you and Mr. Wander, were a much needed shot of juice, which got me back to a better place from the corporate quagmire. For all of it, I can't thank you enough. Please pass these sentiments along to Bob. I feel privileged to have spent that time with both of you."

- LYN G.


Cross Country Soaring's owner/operator/glider-flight-instructor, Don Ingraham, with wife Kathy. Don has spent over 6000 hours airborne in gliders over the past 22 years and has covered many thousands of cross-country miles. He has set over 50 Minnesota State Soaring Records, flown in both Regional and National SSA sanctioned soaring competitions, holds the SSA Diamond Badge and earned a trip to the prestigious Hilton Ranch in the year 2000. He has flown the ridges in the Eastern U.S., the mountains and deserts in the West, and the Southern Alps of New Zealand. He believes soaring is one of the world's best-kept secrets, and that once you discover it, you'll never look at the sky or clouds in the same way again.

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